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LTER Data Story: How do whales find food?

A view of whale behavior and diving patterns over time suggests that they are choosing to go to different depths at different times, but why? Explore the data for yourself in this short data story and see if you can answer the question!

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ID Antarctica

Join LTER scientist Andrew Corso on a 5-part challenge to identify various organisms that live in Antarctica. Learn more about how they fit into the food web and what it’s like to do research at Palmer Station.

Sea Secrets: Tiny Clues to a Big Mystery

Journey across the Pacific Ocean and investigate the mystery connecting three different animals from the California Current to the polar waters west of the Antarctic Peninsula. Become an ocean detective and discover the connection between a seabird, a whale, and a penguin; and maybe you’ll uncover the sea secret that links them all. This book invites young readers (ages 5-10) to explore ocean ecosystems and their food webs. Field sketches, watercolors, and photographs combine to reveal the clues.

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Antarctica Week

Antarctica Day is celebrated every year on December 1st, the anniversary of the signing of the Antarctic treaty. Follow along with our 2020 blog series celebrating the holiday. It features data collected by our PAL scientists.

For Parents: Our Educational Philosophy

These resources focuses on connecting young people with the LTER scientists and the value of collecting long-term scientific data. Our goal is to enhance understanding our connection to this far-away ecosystem through data-rich activities that build their data skills and bolster their science identity.