Palmer Station

Peek at the penguins on Torgersen Island and check out the view from Palmer Station on these live webcams.

Antarctic Ecosystem – Illustration

Antarctic Species Cards

Palmer LTER YouTube channel

Palmer LTER Flickr

Antarctica Map

Torgersen Island Map and Fact Sheet

Know Your Ice Fact Sheet

Lesson Plans and Teacher Resources

Ecosystem and Climate Change:

Ocean Ecosystems (Grades 3-8): This lesson plan allows students to compare four marine ecosystems (Antarctica, Florida, California, Alaska)

Antarctica Melting (Grades 3-8): a 4-part activity that includes scientist-narrated slide shows and related lesson plans.

Now you see ice, now you don’t (grades 8-12)

Data Literacy:

When “whale” I see you again?

Data Nugget lessons are co-designed by scientists and educators, and challenge students to interpret real data collected by a featured scientist. Lessons are scaled to account for varying data skills of students.

Working with time series data

Currents – Special Issue focused on Polar Literacy


Palmer LTER-based Polar Data Stories: How do whales find food? and What drives patterns in ocean change?

Polar Data Stories are co-designed by scientists and educators, and invite students to interact with real data in the context of a science question.

ID Antarctica

Join LTER scientist Andrew Corso on a 5-part virtual challenge to identify various organisms that live in Antarctica. Learn more about how they fit into the food web and what it’s like to do research at Palmer Station.