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Commemorative Logo – 25th Year of LTER Cruises


Logo celebrating 25 years of PAL LTER cruises. PAL LTER was started by the NSF Division of Polar Programs in 1990. The first of the annual January cruises was aboard the POLAR DUKE in 1993. The logo shows two important PAL trends. The blue line declining from left to right is the Adelie penguin population near Palmer Station. The black line is the increasing annual temperature. Together these lines form the ocean surface. Important organisms in the Antarctic marine foodweb include from the top: a giant petrel, a Humpback whale, Antarctic krill, diatom chain, bacteria, Adelie Penguin and Antarctic Sheathbill. This image was created by Julian Race, Antarctic Support Contract, an electronics tech on our January 2016 and 2017 cruises, with input from cruise personnel. The Adelie penguin, Antarctic Krill and diatom chain illustrations are from the Palmer LTER Logo designed and created by Kirsten Carlson.