Carlos Moffat, PI

The physical oceanography component takes responsibility for design processing and analysis of hydrographic data. These data are used to describe the hydrography and circulation in the Palmer area in particular and the Western Antarctic Peninsula region in general. Attention is focused on developing circulation and coupled physical-biological models. The Antarctic shelf regions are influenced by circumpolar deep waters and the circulation pattern in the region shows large-scale flows influenced by topography. Work with a shared analysis tool for integrating analysis across components is underway.

The figure (left) shows the Palmer LTER study area location and bathymetry (click to enlarge). Stations are located on a grid system show within a rectangular box off the West Antarctic Peninsula. Bathymetry is indicated by grey shading, with depths noted in the greyscale color bar to the right. Grid encompasses continental slope, shelf and coastal regions as separated (and labeled) by dashed and solid lines running roughly parallel to the coast. Physical oceanographic moorings are shown with open circles. Red cross is location of U.S. Palmer Station and location of nearby sediment trap mooring. An. = Anvers Island (home of Palmer Station), R = Renaud island, L = Lavosier Island, Ad = Adelaide Island (home of U.K. Rothera Station), MB = Marguerite Bay.



Selected Publications

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