The Coolest Office in the World

This year, the ICB blog and BIMS, Black in Marine Science, has been collaborating to highlight scientists from the BIMS organization. We hope this collaboration will further foster connecting a phenomenal network of colleagues in marine bio and inform our readers about BIMS research as well as their continued work to not only create a network but also a safe space for their members.

This month Maya Thomas of BIMS shares with us about the coolest office in the world.

“Most people would just be bragging when they say they have the coolest office in the world, but for me, it just might be true. My office just happens to be in Antarctica—the coldest continent on Earth!

I am currently a graduate student at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, William & Mary, and even as I enter the third year of my PhD program it still surprises me how far I have come.

I grew up in a land-locked state but was always completely fascinated with the ocean and its animals, dolphins and penguins were always my favorite, but never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined how exciting and fulfilling marine science could be as a career path.

Out of all the topics I could study I have chosen to focus on Antarctic zooplankton (small aquatic animals that cannot swim against a current and my new favorite animals), and I was lucky enough to finally visit the frozen continent in November 2021.

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