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Graduate Student Alumni

Michael BrownPh.D.
Filipa CarvalhoPh.D.
Nicole CoutoPh.D.
Will GoughPh.D.
Shirel Kahane-RapportPh.D.
Heather KimPh.D.
Ken MankoffPh.D.
Darren McKeePh.D.
Travis MilesPh.D.
Schuyler NardelliPh.D.
Ross NicholsPh.D.
Erin PickettPh.D.
Evan Randall-GoodwinM.S.
Tyler Roher Ph.D.
Christina SchultzPh.D.
Patricia ThibodeauPh.D.
Logan PallinAri FriedlanderUsing Tissue Biomarkers to Understand the Demography and Recovery of Baleen Whales in a Rapidly Changing EnvironmentPh.D. 2022

Past Post-Doctoral Research Associates

Renee Albertson
Jeff Bowman
Alex Kahl
Maria Kavanaugh
Ben Saenz
Matthew Savoca
Michael Stukel
Ben Weinstein